Past Netletters

Illinois Appellate Court: No Show No Case

Illinois Appellate Court: No Show No Case A court rules that because an injured worker never showed up, the case was properly dismissed. Injured worker Eugenia Bala filed a workers’ comp claim for injuries sustained while working for a home health care company in 2015. The company filed a motion to dismiss in a proceeding […]

Kansas Updates Workers Comp Law

Kansas Governor Signs Workers’ Comp Bill Governor Laura Kelly has signed SB 430 updating the state’s workers’ comp laws. The bill, among other things, increases the maximum benefits for injured workers. It also provides coverage for the National Guard. AB 430 also permits the settling of claims without the need for a hearing. Read More […]

Business Owner Cheats at Insurance

NY Business Owner Cheats at Insurance A Garden-City business owner is being charged with insurance fraud after under-reporting payroll. Vassilios a.k.a William a.k.a Bill Handakas allegedly stated in his workers’ comp contract that his company had only two employees when it actually employed 13. Handakas ended up under-reporting thousands of dollars in payroll, according the […]

Pay for the Hip, Please

Hip Surgery Still Compensable The Idaho Supreme Court rules that an injured worker can still be compensated, if Medicaid covers the claim. Injured worker, Nickole Thompson, suffered injuries to her back and buttocks and hip when she tripped over a stack of mats. Despite hip surgery, Thompson continued to suffer from pain and asked for […]

CA Court Approves Rehabilitation Plan

Flash: California Court Approves Rehabilitation Plan The California Department of Insurance’s Rehabilitation plan for Applied Underwriters conserved California Insurance Company has been approved. The judge noted that the Department’s plan is completely rational and should be implemented. The decision will resolve years of litigation from California employers. Applied Underwriters is expected to appeal yet again. […]

Cop Freaks After Denial

Cop Freaks After Denial A police officer is appealing a one-day suspension handed to him in connection with a workers’ comp claim. The officer was reportedly denied a workers’ comp claim he filed for mental health issues. Upon receiving a letter denying his claim, the officer, Alex Vazquez, confronted the police chief for not backing […]

Worker Wins Burden of Proof

Worker Wins Burden of Proof Pennsylvania Appeals Court rules that an injured worker is entitled to medical treatment for a previous injury, despite injuries sustained working for another employer. Worker Norman Rickley injured his lower back while employed for Dandy Service Corporation. Both parties agreed to a C&R that resolved the company of indemnity but […]

“Startled” Employee Can Get Benefits

State Rules “Startled” Employee Can Get Benefits The Tennessee Workers’ Comp Appeals Board Court says that an employer must pay benefits including permanent disability to a Tennessee worker who sustained injuries after being startled by an animal. The employee, Raymond Pridgen, was waiting in a designated break area for a ride when an opossum jumped […]

Shooting Victim’s Case Can Go Forward

Shooting Victim’s Case Can Go Forward A teacher’s lawsuit can go forward after she suffered a gun shot wound in 2023. A Virginia court declined to hear an appeal from the school district. The first grade teacher filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit after she was shot by one of her students. She was hit in […]

Employer Must Reimburse for CBD Oil

Employer Must Reimburse for CBD Oil The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania has ruled that Pennsylvania workers’ comp statutes say an employer must reimburse an injured worker for CBD oil. The injured worker, an attorney, suffered a back injury while at work. He sustained an aggravation of degenerative disc disease when he picked up a heavy […]