News Digest 5-3-2022


Minnesota law will reward frontline employees, replenish unemployment insurance

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has signed bipartisan legislation intended to benefit Minnesota businesses, employees, and frontline employees. The Unemployment Insurance and Frontline Worker bill will pump a reported $2.73 billion into a fund that was largely drained by claims as employees were laid off or terminated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. KARE


Workers’ comp lawsuit for illegal aliens moves forward in Michigan

The Michigan Immigrant Rights Center last year challenged a state policy that employers and insurance companies are not responsible for providing workers’ compensation to illegal aliens injured on the job. The lawsuit challenges a Michigan Court of Appeals’ 2003 decision that employers were not required to pay workers’ comp when the employee is unable to obtain work due to imprisonment or commission of a crime. The state moved to dismiss the lawsuit, but late last month, the court denied the motion, allowing the case to proceed. WKAR


Connecticut reaches final budget deal

Leaders of the Democratic majorities in the Connecticut House and Senate have said they’re confident a new budget will be adopted before the regular 2022 General Assembly session ends Wednesday. Governor Ned Lamont and the legislature earmarked $34 million last year to cover a portion of lost wages and medical expenses incurred by frontline employees, but critics say it was bone thrown by lawmakers who couldn’t convince the governor to alter the state’s workers’ compensation system. CT Mirror