News Digest 5-26-2022


Idaho justices rule in weight gain case

An employee who gained more than 100 pounds after he injured his back while working for a plumbing company might be able to obtain workers’ compensation for near-total disability, the Idaho Supreme Court ruled, reversing a state commission’s finding that the employee was responsible for becoming morbidly obese. Legal Newsline


Workers’ comp insurers challenge Florida dispensing policy

Several workers’ compensation insurance companies have filed a challenge against the Florida Department of Financial Services for a policy they say improperly requires carriers to authorize physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners to dispense medication to injured workers. The complaint argues a 2020 “informational bulletin” issued by the department’s Division of Workers’ Compensation about the issue was an improper unadopted rule. Tampa Free Press


Nearly one in five Amazon delivery drivers suffered injuries in 2021: Study

A new report by the the Strategic Organizing Center, a coalition of labor unions, finds that nearly one in five drivers making deliveries for Amazon suffered injuries in 2021, a 40% increase from last year’s injury rate, and that the company’s delivery drivers suffer injuries at nearly two-and-a-half times the rate of the non-Amazon delivery industry. Amazon’s “last-mile” delivery stations are also the “most dangerous” type of Amazon facility, with injury rates more than 40% higher than warehouses, the report says. CNBC


Seven interesting pieces of tech on modern construction sites

More and more companies are now investing in technology to improve their operations. Here are some examples of innovative pieces of tech that can typically be found at a modern construction site, including virtual reality. TechAeris