Still Fighting for Workers Comp

Nevada man waits more than 10 years for compensation

  • Randall Ralphs was injured on the job in 2013 in Las Vegas and it took more than 10 years for his workers’ compensation case to wrap up.
  • He is still one of the hundreds of injured workers in Nevada who are waiting for their cases to get resolved.
  • A judge in 2021 awarded Ralphs a settlement for his injury, and he thought his case would finally be finished.
  • He is now fighting to ensure he receives all the money he is owed as the department that handles the appeals of injured worker cases has gone through many changes in recent months.
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Ohio reaches milestone for workers comp

  • Ohio’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation reports average rate levels for public and private employers in the state are at their lowest level in more than 60 years.
  • The state recently announced private employers could pay $90 million less in the next fiscal year.
  • Gov. Mike DeWine credits businesses adopting a safety-focused culture to reduce the rates.
  • Ge also credited workers and lower rates for employers do put Ohio in a “strong economic position.”
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West Virginia bill would boost workers’ comp

  • A bill in the West Virginia legislature that would limit corporate payouts in lawsuits brought by injured employees through workers’ compensation laws known as “deliberate intent.”
  • Employees entitled to workers’ compensation are barred from suing their employer if they are injured on the job.
  • However, deliberate intent allows injured workers to sue their employer if they were knowingly exposed to unsafe conditions.
  • It also allows the families of workers killed on the job to sue under the same circumstances, but the bill faces opposition.
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Lockton launches proprietary workers’ comp consulting 

  • Lockton, an independent insurance brokerage in Kansas City, Missouri, launched a proprietary workers’ compensation consulting framework.
  •  Lockton 360 is designed to help employers address one of their most important and potentially costly risks.
  • Workers’ compensation losses are typically one of the largest controllable expenses for any organization and can also impact an organization’s margins, collateral expenses, and brand.
  • The insurance industry has made countless attempts to address these costs, but proposed solutions have largely fallen short of their stated goals.
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